Paintings by James (Jimmy) Swinnerton

Over a lifetime of nearly ninety-nine years - a span he often attributed to "abstinence from abstinence" - Jimmy Swinnerton produced hundreds of oil paintings of the American Southwest. Using a rather spare palette he rendered the stark beauty of the Grand Canyon, desert vistas, buttes, arroyos, and haunting rock formations with extraordinary verisimilitude and feeling.

After the Shower

Desert Smoketrees
in Bloom

Navajo Home

Desert Tints

Smoketrees in
Corner of Desert

Desert Ironwood Tree

Sunset in the
Sand Country

Deserted Navajo
Trading Post

Young Desert
Smoketrees in Bloom

In addition, Jimmy Swinnerton made a number of illustrations for magazines and books:

Kiddies of the Canyon Country

Nemo magazine edition 22

Yoomee Magazine

More information about Jimmy Swinnerton

Fables of the Elite written by Dorothy Dix (1947) [Illustrated by James A Swinnerton]
Cartoons and Sagebrush by Jimmy Swinnerton written by Harold G.Davidson (1979)
Jimmy Swinnerton : The Artist and his Work written by Harold G.Davidson (1985)

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